September 25th, 2014 Mortgage Industry Update

Interest rates slightly increased with a few major lenders. The majority of rates remained stable for September thus far, and it is likely they will continue as such for the month of October.

Additionally this week:
– Bloomberg released an article stating that Toronto is flooded with office space, and this is spurring fears of a new commercial real estate bust. Learn More.

– Bank of Canada deputy says low interest rates are still needed. Learn More.

– CMHC says there is no need to have fear over a suspected “housing bubble”. Learn More.

– BMO Fall Home-Buying Report states that nearly half of prospective buyers are increasing their price to $483,397 and shifting to semi-detached homes. Learn More.

– TREB reports GTA realtors MLS housing figures. Sales and price looking strong. Learn More.

Stay tuned for the next update!

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