CMHC Insurance Calculator

Below is our CMHC mortgage default insurance premium calculator. Just input the asking price (or purchase price) and choose up to 4 different down payments to compare scenarios. This calculator is useful when you are curious to know how the amount of the premium will vary between different down payments. The calculator also displays the total mortgage required, including the added premium.

Please keep in mind that mortgage default insurance is only required when your down payment is less than 20%. The insurance is optional with anything above 20%, therefore it is not featured in this calculator. If you choose to get the insurance with a downpayment above 20%, please call Harpreet Singh The Mortgage King for an accurate premium.

For a more in-depth and professional review of your individual and personalized situation please give Harpreet Singh The Mortgage King a call at (416) 795-1919.

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Ontario CMHC insurance calculator

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