Harpreet currently provides his services to all of Southern Ontario whether you are a first time homebuyer, sophisticated real estate investor, or any step in between.


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The following are our simple and easy-to-use calculators. All information and instructions are featured on their respective pages.
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[button link=”/calculators/rentvsbuy” target=”self” icon=”moon-calculate” text=”light” color=”#91192c”]Rent Vs. Buy Calculator[/button]
[spacer size=”1″]The rent vs. buy calculator can be used to give you a good idea of the benefits of buying a home, rather than renting one.
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[button link=”/calculators/maximum” target=”self” icon=”moon-calculate” text=”light” color=”#91192c”]Maximum Mortgage Calculator[/button]
[spacer size=”1″]The maximum mortgage calculator is very useful to figure out exactly how much you can afford, as it shows you a maximum purchase price.
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[button link=”/calculators/Payment” target=”self” icon=”moon-calculate” text=”light” color=”#91192c”]Payment Analyzer[/button]
[spacer size=”1″]The payment analyzer can be used to calculate your monthly payments.
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[button link=”/calculators/compare” target=”self” icon=”moon-calculate” text=”light” color=”#91192c”]Mortgage Comparison Calculator[/button]
[spacer size=”1″]The mortgage comparison calculator is very useful to compare up to three different mortgage payment scenarios.
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[button link=”/calculators/prepayment” target=”self” icon=”moon-calculate” text=”light” color=”#91192c”]Prepayment Analyzer[/button]
[spacer size=”1″]The prepayment analyzer can be used to see what the effects of adding additional payments or a lump sum might be on your total interest paid and the length of the mortgage.
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[button link=”/calculators/CMHC” target=”self” icon=”moon-calculate” text=”light” color=”#91192c”]CMHC Insurance Calculator[/button]
[spacer size=”1″]The CMHC insurance calculator is useful to calculate the amount of premium you will be expected to pay when your downpayment is below 20%. Also it is useful when you are curious to know how the amount of the premium will vary between different down payments.
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[button link=”/calculators/landtransfertax” target=”self” icon=”moon-calculate” text=”light” color=”#91192c”]land transfer tax Calculator[/button]
[spacer size=”1″]The land transfer tax calculator shows you the amount of land transfer tax you will be expected to pay upon closing. You can see the breakdown of the payment and a one-time rebate deduction, if you are eligible.

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