The following are our simple and easy-to-use calculators. All information and instructions are featured on their respective pages.

Rent Vs. Buy Calculator
The rent vs. buy calculator can be used to give you a good idea of the benefits of buying a home, rather than renting one.
Maximum Mortgage Calculator
The maximum mortgage calculator is very useful to figure out exactly how much you can afford, as it shows you a maximum purchase price.
Payment Analyzer
The payment analyzer can be used to calculate your monthly payments.
Mortgage Comparison Calculator
The mortgage comparison calculator is very useful to compare up to three different mortgage payment scenarios.
Prepayment Analyzer
The prepayment analyzer can be used to see what the effects of adding additional payments or a lump sum might be on your total interest paid and the length of the mortgage.
CMHC Insurance Calculator
The CMHC insurance calculator is useful to calculate the amount of premium you will be expected to pay when your downpayment is below 20%. Also it is useful when you are curious to know how the amount of the premium will vary between different down payments.
land transfer tax Calculator
The land transfer tax calculator shows you the amount of land transfer tax you will be expected to pay upon closing. You can see the breakdown of the payment and a one-time rebate deduction, if you are eligible.

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