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July 11th, 2023 Mortgage Industry Update

The Bank of Canada announced on June 7th that its overnight lending rate will increase to 4.75%. Inflation in Canada increased surprisingly last month along with strong job and GDP numbers. The latest data remains in line with the expectation that inflation will come down to around 3% shortly. The prime rate increases to 6.95%.

Additionally this week:

– TRREB: Average home sold for $1,182,120 in June, up 3.2% annually. However below the average of $1,195,929 in May. Condo apartments down by 1.1%. Sales totalled 7,481, compared with 6,422 the June before and 8,997 in May. New listings totalled 15,865, down 3% from the prior June.

– Research Co: In Q1 2023 35% of Canadians rated country’s economic conditions as “very good” or “good,” 44% expected situation to worsen. Six months later, we see some signs of recovery, with 41% of Canadians saying the national economy is currently in “very good” or “good” shape.

– Statistics Canada: Wealthiest 20% of Canada’s population in Q1 2023 owned 67.8% of individuals’ overall net worth, while the least wealthy 20% of the population owned only 2.7%. The gap is now 65.1 points, up 1.1 points from 64 points in the same quarter in 2022.

– On average, residential construction prices have increased by 51% since the beginning of the pandemic, a factor that has placed enormous pressure on new home prices. This has far outpaced the 13% increase in the consumer price index since Q1 2020.

– Statistics Canada: Country welcomed more than 145,000 immigrants during Q1. Highest number for a single quarter on record. The pace of population growth was the fastest on record for a first quarter as well, with 98 per cent of the growth coming from immigration.

– BILD: GTA new home sales were at 3,109 for May; up 22% annually. Condos accounted for 1,976 units, a 3% decrease. Single family home market experienced 1,133 sales, up 123%. Benchmark price for new condos dropped 6.7% to $1.1M. Single family price dropped 4.3% to $1.7M.

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