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June 20th, 2023 Mortgage Industry Update

The Bank of Canada announced on June 7th that its overnight lending rate will increase to 4.75%. Inflation in Canada increased surprisingly last month along with strong job and GDP numbers. The latest data remains in line with the expectation that inflation will come down to around 3% shortly. The prime rate increases to 6.95%.

Additionally this week:

– Statistics Canada: From 2019 to 2021, housing stock growth consistently outpaced rate of population increase in largest cities. Growth in Toronto (1.3%) and Vancouver (2.1%) was outstripped by addition of 61,320 units in Toronto (3.5% gain) and 28,085 units in Vancouver (up 3.6%).

– Rentals.ca: Canadian rents appreciated just 6.5% year over year in May, marking slowest rate of annual rent appreciation since December 2021, or in 17 months. National average (at $2,014) last month, grew 0.6% between April to May and was up 19% over past two years.

– Statistics Canada: National unemployment rate ticked upwards for first time in 9 months. Rate last month hit 5.2%; slight increase from April in its first monthly jump since August 2022. Meanwhile, the economy unexpectedly culled 17,300 jobs in May. Expected a net 23,200-job gain.

– Rentals.ca report: The average rental property in Canada cost around $1,662 in April 2021, but the average price to rent is now around $2,002 as of April 2023. This is 9.6 per cent higher than the same time period last year as well.

– Equifax says new mortgage originations dropped 42 per cent in the first quarter of 2023 compared with a year ago, the lowest volume since 2014. The average loan amount was down 13.9 per cent year-over-year but only 2.9 per cent from the previous quarter.

– According to a CIBC survey, owning property remains a top goal for 71% of non-homeowners, although the majority of renters (64%) and current mortgage holders (82%) are concerned about how inflation and rising rates will affect their ability to keep up with costs.

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