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December 13th, 2022 Mortgage Industry Update

The Bank of Canada announced on December 7th that its overnight lending rate will increase to 4.25% from 3.75%. Inflation globally and in Canada continues to rise. Central banks around the world continue to tighten as well. The prime rate has increased to 6.45% from 5.95%. The Bank of Canada suggests that they are now considering whether or not more increases are needed. 

Additionally this week:

– Bank of Canada increases overnight lending rate to 4.25% from 3.75%. The prime rate has increased to 6.45% from 5.95%.

– TRREB: November benchmark home price slipped 0.8% to $1.09M, the smallest monthly drop since prices began falling in April. Just 4,544 homes were sold, down 49% from a year ago. Fewer than 8,900 homes were brought to market in November, down from October and from the year before.

– Statistics Canada: Unemployment rate remained almost static at 5.1% in November. The rate was essentially unchanged from 5.2% reading in October, as the economy saw only 10,000 new jobs last month. For perspective, the pre-pandemic level was 5.9% in November 2019.

– CMHC: In January, roughly 73% of all fixed-rate mortgages initiated or refinanced in Canada went with terms of four or five years, while only 11% had terms shorter than that. July data shows 28% of fixed mortgages had terms of 1-3 years, while 45% opted for four to five years.

– Royal LePage: 75% of U.S. citizens living in border towns and owning recreational properties in Canada made purchase after government announced forthcoming foreign buyer ban. Two-year ban will apply to non-Canadian citizens and non-permanent residents. Comes into effect on Jan. 1

– CMHC: As of August, 44.2% of new mortgage borrowers chose a variable rate, down from a peak of 56.9% in January. For new mortgages originated as of September by Canada’s chartered banks, just 16% had a 5-year fixed-rate versus 40% that had terms of one to four years.

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