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November 28th Mortgage Industry Update

November 28th, 2017 Mortgage Industry Update

The Bank of Canada announced on October 25th that it’s overnight lending rate will remain at 1.00%. The prime rate remains the same. It is common prediction for rates to rise another 2 times by the end of 2018. Most fixed rates have risen significantly and are now in the 3%+ range.

Additionally this week:
– OECD report: Canada, South Korea and the UK are the top 3 nations for household borrowing; and Canada also has high corporate debt. Consumer debt in Canada is above 100% of GDP, the only country in which that is the case.

– Quebec plans to monitor the sale of property to and by foreign investors in the province by requiring the address of their primary residences in a bid to track overseas inflows into the real estate market.

– Liberals announce 10-year $40B National Housing Strategy aimed at improving housing affordability for Canada’s most vulnerable citizens. Aims to reduce “chronic homelessness” by 50%.

– Following the Bank of Canada’s rate hikes this year, ratings agency DBRS has warned that mortgage borrowers may be shocked to find their mortgage payments rise during renewal.

– Seymour Consulting survey: 43% said they were somewhat or extremely stressed by their current financial situation. A third said stressed about being able to meet mortgage payment or rent. Another third said concerned about their ability to buy a home in the next five years.

– British Columbia is introducing new rules from spring next year designed to strengthen consumer protection. Include banning dual agency (mortgage + realtor licenses), making BC the first province in Canada to do so.

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