August 7th, 2014 Mortgage Industry Update

Interest rates slightly decreased with a few major lenders as promotional rates declined from 2.99% (5Y fixed) to 2.94%. Often we see a domino effect when it comes to lenders changing rates as they feel the need to remain competitive in the mortgage market. This may serve as a reason for a possible small interest rate decline between some lenders for the month of August.

Additionally this week:
– Almost 40 per cent of Canadian buyers benefit from mortgage insurance, according to Genworth. Learn More.

– Realtors say average home prices will continue to rise in Toronto and the GTA for 2014. Learn More.

– The 5 year government bond hits a 14 month low and yet lenders remain hesitant to cut fixed rates.

– There is an increase in million dollar homes being sold in Canada because of record low mortgage rates. Learn More.

– BMO annual report indicates Canadians have more mortgage debt, less credit card debt, and stable student loans. Learn More.

Stay tuned for the next update!

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